May... really... wha' happened 

- Both the CDs are done - one is in hand and the other was just shipped.

You can check them out at:    (for Harbortown Redocks) and at : (for Gingerbeard Whiskerchin)

- Two very different projects but I could not be happier with, or prouder of, either of them. And the wonderful Keri Sheheen did the artwork for both of them, as she should do for you (

- Gigs are scarce with the pandemic but I am still doing the Irish Seisiun with SIARTS in a…

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what a long strange year so far 

Whoa... there is so much going on while we are quarantined and nothing can go on.

- finished up two recording projects:

(1) Harbortown Redocks with the crew from Harbortown, at Moon Studio, finally laying down some of the songs we have been doing out for white a while plus a few new ones for good measure. Still waiting for the physical product but it is available digitally on CDBaby for now. Really came out great and the cover art is terrific by Keri Sheheen.

(2) Gingerbeard Whiskerchin-  I explain the…

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Happy New Year! 

- Hoping to have a great year and I hope the same for you. - The new CD projects are entitled Harbortown Redocks, and Gingerbeard Whiskerchin. Two very different thingss but I am very excited about the way they are both turning out. I do believe you will like them. - the Irish seisiun is back and packed. Get there early if you plan to sit and eat a bite while you listen. - I will also be looking for gigs to promote the new projects so don't hesitate to be in touch and well see what we can work out.


- the two new projects are almost done. Some dubbing, a couple of more tracks to record, and then a whole lot of mixing and mastering. One is all maritime stuff and the other is a pretty eclectic sleigh ride through my musical influences. Very excied about both of them - the Irish Seisiun is back and always a fun time. Doug and Linda just get better and better - played at a tribute for my friend Mordecai Jacoby/aka/ Jay Coby the Singing Cowboy. Just a wonderful guy and a fine musician. He will be missed.…

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Fall is in the air 

- A few things this September... SI Outloud and the Highland Games at the end of the month - The Irish Seisiun will be cranking up again soon... probabl November - the shanty is ongoing - the recordings are coming along great and I am getting excited about them - Big thanks to Frank Glaz for having Bill and I live on the radio at WPRB and thanks also to the Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival for having me back this year on the Kids Stage - And as always I am lookng for places to play so let me, or your…

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-lots of studio stuff in the works. A new project with Bob Harris at Ampersand studio that is coming along swimmingly. About a dozen or so tracks started and planning to add Ray Scro and his mighty saxophones to a couple followed by Linda Hickman on flute and whistle to give a few tracks extra sparkle with a dab of Irish melancholy. It is gonna be a good one with more guest artists lined up - another project going with Henry Falco at Moon Studios and the Harbortown crew. Another dozen or so songs but these…

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and the livin is easy 

- Marine Science Fair at P.S. 59 tomorrow - P.S. 373 this Monday to sing Kate Walker at the unveiling of a mural dedicated to her. Very cool - Moon studio this Sunday with Jan Christensen and Bob Conroy for work on a new Harbortown project; really looking forward to getting those guys in the studio - back to Alice Austen in a month from now - psyched to plat at the Barge Museum in August -

head spinning 

-just back from a trip to the UK and two sold out shows with The Spinners at the Liverpool Philharmonic Music Room. Wow. Such a great time and then a very successful guest spot at The Everyman - back in the studios soon- Moon and Ampersand for two different projects - also back at the Harborview School in June for a few things - final Irish Seisiun of the season coming up - back at the Del Val Fest on the kids stage again this year... please bring kids... - finally crossed the Atlantic by ship. Just…

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- The Jones are coming over from Liverpool for a visit and we shall play some music and travel the byroads.Then we return with them on the Queen Mary 2... so psyched - Harbortown is at the New Jersey Folk Festival this year. Be there... - we have an English folk club happening, house concerts, Irish Seisiuns, shanty sessions... - and the studio stuff is starting to come together and certainly worth a listen. Stay tuned.

busy busy 

- Another fine show for our Veterans. Thanks Frank Glaz for putting it together every year - Heading back to England in May and this time taking a ship to Southhampton. Stoked. If you'd like me to come play whilst I am over let me know and hopefully we can work something out. I will mostly be staying in Liverpool - Two new recording projects kicking off this month. One maritimey at the wonderful Moon Studio here in sunny Staten Island and the other at the great Ampersand studio that will cover the non…

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