Oh man... has it been this long?

So, I just found out that I was awarded a CAC( City Artist Corps) Grant! Very excited about that as it has been a tough year for artists and my income from music has been pretty slim. Streaming doesn't garner much and live gigs have been out of the question for the most part. But things are looking up. I am booked back for the Richmondtown Tavern Concert Series in February and there will be a live show as part of the grant commitment by the end of October; details are still up in the air for it. Stay tuned


It is hard to believe it has been so long since I posted. I did have two monthly gigs co-hosting both an Irish Seisiun and a shanty session. I also did a few Zoom school classroom things for kids which are always fun and rewarding. The two CDs are out in the world for over a year now and have had some radio play, which is always appreciated.

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