May... really... wha' happened

- Both the CDs are done - one is in hand and the other was just shipped.

You can check them out at:    (for Harbortown Redocks) and at : (for Gingerbeard Whiskerchin)

- Two very different projects but I could not be happier with, or prouder of, either of them. And the wonderful Keri Sheheen did the artwork for both of them, as she should do for you (

- Gigs are scarce with the pandemic but I am still doing the Irish Seisiun with SIARTS in a Zoom setting. A learning curve, hit and miss, at first but running pretty smoothly now. We are also hoping to get the Noble shanty session online soon... stay tuned.

- Also doing some online gigs for schools and other facilities that need a little burst of music for their students and/or clients. Fun and fulfilling.

- Woodshedding on fiddle tunes, Irish and American and whatever, for both banjo and guitar. Keeping the fingers loose and backing up the muscle memory. With any luck I may even learn a couple or three.

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