The Diver is a beautiful recording which I thoroughly enjoyed.” - Ralph Litwin

— "Horses sing none of it"

We enjoyed the song, The Diver, on the recent Oasis Sampler.” - Jerry Saint Amand

— WMHB radio

Just got your CD and think it is great, really one of the best I have got in a while.” - Michael Stock

— WLRN radio

Harbortown is a unique listening experience verifying tha bluegrass and folk music are alive and well in the Big Apple.”

— Bluegrass Unlimited

I recommend Harbortown... a fascinating look at the settlers and characters tha turned the sleepy island into the heart of New York Harbor... splendid CD...” - Mike Miller

— Philadelphia Folk Song Society

...fantastic show with Mara Levine, Caroline Cutroneo, Bob Wright and Bill Doerge... The audience was really into it and everyone remarked that this was one of our best shows ever.” - Sol Zeller

— Borderline Folk Club

Bob Wright... produced the CD Oyster Aristocracy (2009), a musical retrospective about New York Bay... The songs are new... It's certainly worth a listen. Why not ask your local library to get a copy?” - Dan Milner

Voices: The Journal of New York Folklore

“Those are, reportedly, the last words John Walker, the keeper of Robbins Reef Lighthouse, said to his wife Kate when, deathly ill, he left their harbor home in 1886. 

They are also the chorus of singer-songwriter Bob Wright’s song “Kate Walker,” honoring the diminutive woman who had been her husband’s assistant and officially became the keeper a few years after his death since “no man wanted the job.” And she very definitely did. 

“My grandfather was a tugboat captain in the harbor and I heard about Katie Walker growing up on Staten Island,” wrote Wright. 

Singing the song at folk gatherings in England and Ireland, Wright has made Kate well known across the pond where others are performing it and audiences sing along. In addition to performing at more local folk festivals, he’s taught the song to hundreds of local school children.” 

Staten Island Rambles by Kathryn Carse

#Working Waterfront in the house!!! 

So proud of and impressed by the important work Bob Wright does for his hometown of #StatenIsland. I’m thankful every day I get to call this gentleman a friend and colleague. In addition to being a incredible musician, songster, writer and teacher, Bob is a true #heritage bearer who never takes for granted the value of his uniquely local knowledge of waterways, water lore and SI maritime history. 

He was a tremendous #Folk #Fellow to the Working Waterfront: Maritime Folklore of NYC’s Forgotten Borough, and a tremendous comrade to myself in this work - always supporting, cheering and gifting his vision. I’m glad that project and others act as a platform for what Bob and other community leaders, scholars and creatives have to offer - and it warms my heart that the ‘movement’ continues. 

This stuff is in us from the roots up as they say, and what better way to harness the social capital of your community!” 

Folklorist Naomi Sturm



Staten Island OutLOUD kicks off our big Autumn series for The Big Read & the National Endowment for the Arts. 

   This event features maritime music by Bob Wright, a local musical treasure 

  Bob has composed songs on Staten Island's seafaring history, and on the majestic ocean vistas that appeal to landlubbers and to old salts alike. 

  The historic Conference House, overlooking Raritan Bay, is the perfect setting for this event. 

                                                                              Staten Island OutLOUD founder Beth Gorrie