Yikes...time flys

- can not believe I have not posted since June but I have not been home that much and a lot of good stuff happened but that is old news -August we were honored to play at the grand opening of the National Lighthouse Museum right here on sunny Staten Island. The Museum has a ways to go but it is a miracle that it is there at all to visit and to enjoy. Greatness will follow. - Bill and I also played at the Alice Austen House again and I never get tired of singing the Alice Austen song on the porch that inspired me to write the song... and the location and the view... WOW. - speaking of wow... ended August at the Borderline Cafe's annual tribute picnic. This year the honoree was the legendary Tom Paxton who was there in the flesh, did a short set like everybody else, and got to hear what we do. Got to meet him and hang out a bit and he was wonderful both onstage and off. What a treat. And I had to take over running the jam this year as Roger Sprung couldn't be there as he had another gig. Fun time. - lots of meetings with museum and arts folks happening... stay tuned for what could be some very cool future projects. I'm excited. - and now September... where to start... well we are doing a Hughie Jones show this Saturday night as he is here for the 20th anniversary celebration for the shanty session. Check the calendar for details. -And filmmakers Leia Grossman and Gabriel Baron are making a documentary about the session. I have seen the trailer and it looks amazing; can't wait for the final product. - might be going back in the studio in the late Fall if things work out... Should I do another CD or sell single track... CD or not CD that is the question - Bill and I will be back at the Toms River Library with Bob Conroy in November. Wonderful venue.

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