Yikes, it is September already

- Wishing all my old colleagues a great school year. - Del Val Fest is still the best and had some great fun jamming with Ellen and Peter Vigour, Allen and Emily Cohen, and with Hillbilly Water. Special thanks to Archie Warnock for running a fine back stage crew; kept us on track even when there was no track. - Final mixes on the new CD are in progress and I am chomping at the bit; was up at Saratoga for the races this year (150th anniversary) so bear with me while I mix my metaphors. - couple of great shanty things coming up this month -Kweskin band was even better than I'd hoped. They were all there but Fritz (RIP) with their voices intact and playing great. So happy that I got to see them one last time. - hoping to have a CD release party at the Scro house the beginning of November; all depends on getting the CD packaged up and ready for human consumption... Hmmm... edible CD's might not be a bad idea... throw them into iTunes and then have a nice stack instead of a dust collector on the shelf. A lot of the 'food' on the shelves is already plastic anyway.

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