- GREAT audience at the Ocean County Artists Guild and the largest crowd they have ever had for a show. Very humbling and it is nice to see that hard work pays off. We will be back there again 6/19/2015! - congratulations to Jan Christensen for his fine new live release 'Passages': - next week the Lighthouse Museum celebrates its opening with The Harbormen... that would be Harbortown, Stout, Frank Woerner, and Jan Christensen doing our own things and some stuff together. Lots of crusty old sea dogs singing that day. - The new Irish session at the Flagship brewery starts on September 7 and will be every first Sunday of the month. Very excited to be a part of it. Doug Barr and Linda Hickman are the instigators. - just sent out a bunch of the new CDs to radio stations around the States. I think we got all the right ones covered, but if you want one for your station give us a holler where ever you may be.

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