Whew... busy

-lots of stuff to report - my new EP/CD, Solo Bojo Music, is done and the release date is 10/1/19. Look for it on my bandcamp page: www.bobwright-harbortown.com. Six songs, just me and my Waterloo. Or pick one up at the next gig. - the NY State Canal Conference is happening and Harbortown will play a small part in it. Check the calendar. Very proud to have this event, not only in NYC for the first time, but hosted on Staten Island. Big deal. - Always a privilege to do a service for the Unitarian Church and we have a really nice program set for 10/21. All are welcome. -Still planning a new Harbortown project and a new one with Bill Doerge and Bob Harris. Songs are written, rehearsals are happening, and new music is in the air. - A couple of other very cool collaborations are in the offing. Details as they unfold - Looking forward to the brand spanking new (for Staten Island) Highland Games coming up. Should be a blast and we hope to see you there. - always seem to miss the IBMA in Raleigh every year andI do really miss it. Hopefully next year.

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