- the last few weeks were incredibly full and took a ton of planning and coordination to pull off... and we did... NEFFA, Brick Hill House concerts, Dunlap house concert, Conroy house concert, and the culmination at the Noble Collection - The Doerflinger plaque is beautiful and will look amazing hanging outside the main entrance facing the water - next shanty session this coming Sunday, May 19, 2-5 - Ridgefield Park Earth Day this Saturday with Risky Business Bluegrass Band; always a fun time in a park setting on the river - shot lots of video and recorded a lot of the shows; hope we have some good stuff to post in the coming weeks - as always, we are looking for places to play and welcome suggestions, offers, or a nice cup of tea - the Doerflinger project consumed the last year and now I need another project to get the juices flowing again - Hamburger Sandwich has been getting airplay here and there and a lot of folks tell me they think it is our best CD yet. We are proud of it. And we love to play those songs for a crowd...

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