where did the year go

- Had a bit of a health thing to deal with which kept me close to home for several months but all is well now and I am getting things back on track - so much has happened since I last wrote-the showcases at FAI went great and I did a couple of school programs that were very well received and very rewarding. - one after-school program was a CASA grant funded program with Naomi Sturm and SI Arts at the Harborview School on Staten Island; got to teach the kids my songs about their local history. They took to them right away and it is a thrill to hear. - the other program was sponsored by the Noble Museum and run by Dawn Daniels. That was done at a number of schools and we were teaching the kids about the Robbins Reef Lighthouse. I taught them my song about the lighthouse. Very cool. - Bill and I did the Austen House Community Day event again; spectacular place - a big thanks to Nick Dowen at the Noble who consistently sells my CDs in the gift shop; greatly appreciated - I received a grant to do a live recording at the monthly shanty session at the Noble. The CD is done and only available in their gift shop. We donated the CD to the Noble and they get all the proceeds. Very proud of that - am still a Folk Fellow for the Working Waterfront Project; we will see where that leads - the Irish Seisiun had some rough spots but we are hoping to have it back this coming season. Stay tuned. -got a brand new custom Okie open-back banjo from Rob Bishline. Fantastic! Now I need to start dropping some thumb. - Heading back to Liverpool soon and that is always a fun time. Fun audiences and they keep you honest and on your toes. - still writing and always striving to be better; pretty picky about what you get to hear but that is definitely for the best - and, as always, if anyone has a gig to offer it would be greatly appreciated - oh yeah, I have a new Bandcamp page with music for sale if you care to check it out: www.bobwright-harbortown.com

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