Where did July go????

Been so busy I haven't posted lately but it has all been good kinds of busy. - great fun to be part of a Spinners reunion in the U.K. Those guys can still sing and they know how to entertain - new CD is more than in the works and I hope to be done with it pretty soon; look for a house concert/ CD release show in the Fall - thanks again to Hereford for having us and to the folks in Toms River for continuing to support live music and for a wonderful venue - Frets and Refrains camp was awesome this year… always inspiring to hang with other songwriters. A big thank you to the Thompson clan for running it and for being so willing to help. - A big thanks to the guys in Harbortown… Jan Christensen, Bob Conroy, and Bill Doerge… incredibly generous, talented musicians and I am lucky to call them friends much less partners in rhyme. - finally had the Staten Island premiere of Shellshocked at the Noble and it was very exciting for us. Can't wait to see Emily's next project about fireflies

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