what a long strange year so far

Whoa... there is so much going on while we are quarantined and nothing can go on.

- finished up two recording projects:

(1) Harbortown Redocks with the crew from Harbortown, at Moon Studio, finally laying down some of the songs we have been doing out for white a while plus a few new ones for good measure. Still waiting for the physical product but it is available digitally on CDBaby for now. Really came out great and the cover art is terrific by Keri Sheheen.

(2) Gingerbeard Whiskerchin-  I explain the title in the liner notes. Another stint with Bob Harris at Ampersand and I am really proud of it. Bill Doerge, Bob Harris, and I form the nucleus of the band with some heavy hitter guests on a lot of the tracks: Linda Hickman, Andy Leftwich, Michael Ronstadt, Ray Scro, and Dark Venus. It don't get no better folks and folkies. Keri is again working on the artwork as we speak. 

- we are trying to get a version of the Irish Seisiun streaming live since we can't get together live... more on that as it happens.

- obviously I can't book any gigs for now, but don't hesitate to offer when things open up again.


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