what a day!

- The Shellshocked premiere went over really well and it was a treat to be there and see Emily get some recognition for all the hard work she has put into it. And a big thank you to the Princeton Environmental Film Festival for providing such a great opportunity. - Then later that night we had a lot of fun at the Tavern. They've done a lot of structural shoring up and tightening up to the old place and it is tight as a drum and resonates like an old bass fiddle. Candlelight, wood stove, and pure acoustic sound in a wooden building built in the 19th century makes for a pretty amazing sound and experience. No electricity and a privy out back... doesn't get any better. I'll be back there on April 14 with the Risky Business Bluegrass Band... but don't wait for us, there are great acts there every Saturday (and twice St. Pat's weekend) until the end of April starting with the great maritime sounds of the Tavernacle Choir next Saturday night. Thanks to the staff and the audience for making Harbortown's life that much better. -Into the studio on Tuesday to record the new Hazel Dickens song. Got to debut it at the show on Saturday and I am really pumped now to get it recorded. Hazel is one of my songwriting heroes and was a fearless singer; she is missed. - Kermit got back to me and his wit is still so dry its hard to believe it comes out of a frogs mouth. April Banjo Newsletter...

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