- Wow. It has been a while since I had a chance to write. Some stuff came up that needed doing and taking care of and it took me out of the game for a bit but all is back on track now. -The shanty session is still going strong and we are putting together a plan to get the Doerflinger CD recorded. Look for a release concert in April with a special guest from Liverpool joining in. And he has donated a track for the CD... yessss... Hughie Jones will be back with us and that is always and honor and a delight. - adn yes, the Irish Seisiun is back! All the dates are on the calendar and we hope you come and listen and take part in it. Always fun. - I have a boatload of new songs that I am hoping to get demoed up in the next few months. Really torn about doing a whole CD as CDs don't sell anymore... but that is what the DJs want. -did some traveling for pleasure... couple of weeks up on the Cape and then a couple of weeks in Sicily and Rome... great times. - spent a couple of days on jury duty; had some surgery done. lots of stuff to deal with like I said - I will be more on top of this now that things are settled - and yes, as always, if you know of someplace you think we should play give us a holler...

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