Time Flies

Wow. Summer is here already and we have a few things lined up on the calendar page plus, as always, the monthly Shanty sessions at the Noble Collection (3rd Sunday of every month at 2 p.m.) - thought I had a few songs in need of recording so I counted last night, which I hadn't done recently. Figured I had enough for maybe a CD or two... there are almost 80... I counted 3 times as I thought I was seeing things. Lots of things that we have been playing plus a bunch that just slipped through the cracks... and I just finished another one yesterday - went to two spectacular graduation things last week for my two talented nieces Maggie and Emma. Maggie with honors from New Paltz ... and already has a job... Emma as valedictorian from Providence College and she will be in Germany in September working on a Fulbright... whew... uhhh... I play the banjo...

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