Summertime and the livi... what... what... it is July already

- I have been super busy with different things and thought I was only a month behind... but 3 months!!$!$!$ - Where to start: was back at the Harborview school a couple of times. So honored that they use The Oyster Aristocracy as a part of their curriculum. Music and environmental awareness in one package. Cool - Played again for Fleet Week overlooking the entrance to New York Harbor. Spectacular view and event. - The Irish Seisiun just gets bigger and better. Done for the Summer but we will be back in the Fall. Doug Barr just got a big grant to go and study concertina in Ireland; he will be even better than ever. - Back again at the Alice Austen House for their Community Day speaking of spectacular locations on the harbor. Always a thrill to sing the Alice Austen song in the exact same spot the photo it is based on was taken. Chills and thrills. Sweet. - July found me back at Frets and Refrains music camp run by Nancy Covey and the great Richard Thompson. My 3rd time although I had not been back in 5 years. Lured back by the chance to study with the brilliant Celtic guitar player Tony McManus. He is mind blowing and, more importantly for this old teacher, he can teach. I have enough stuff to keep me busy for a very long time. And hopefully I will also sound better at the Seisiuns. - And... I have been back in the studio starting to work on several projects. A couple with Bob Harris at Ampersand Studio and one with Harbortown and Henry Falco at Moon Studio. Details to follow but the 1st one is an EP of 6 solo songs; just me and my Waterloo guitar. That is just about done and I can sell those for a great price. The others are going to take time and involve about 20 more songs including a Christmas song based on a true story my Grandmother told me. Sorry, not this year but next year it will be ready... fingers crossed. All the songs are original and I am fortunate to always get great feedback, input, and old fashioned help from Bill Doerge, Bob Conroy, and Jan Christensen... the other guys in Harbortown - Super psyched to be doing a couple of sets on the children's stage at the Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival this year. I have worked backstage for years and am excited to get a chance to perform. Such a great festival. I expect to see you there.

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