- been busy with lots of stuff - big thanks to Mike Beck and Access Films for hosting Bill and I at a showcase at NERFA this past Saturday and a bigger thank you to the folks who stopped, listened and even sang along. Awesome. - A lot of new stuff on the calendar; I won't repeat it all here. Hope you find something you like. - took place in a wonderful recording session on Sunday for the multi-talented Guy MIchetti's new Christmas Song, Sing A Christmas Song. Privileged to be a part of a chorus of about 20 fine local musicians adding some voices to the choruses of the song. I heard a mix today and it sounds great. Big kudos to Guy and to Henry Falco at Moon Studios. - very happy to be a part of a tribute concert for Stan Jay, he of Mandolin Brothers fame. I knew Stan for over 40 years and he was always a delight to hang with... funny, smart, and caring... not a bad combination. He will be missed. - took a road trip and finally got to see Sun Studios and the Delta Blues Museum. So many talented folks to remember.

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