October… the best month

-Okay, it isn't the best month just because I was born in October. Just feel those cool temps and check out the leaves… enough said. - Still on track for the house concert/CD release. The new Cd is called Hamburger Sandwich and will be totally completed in a few weeks. Just getting all the info out to Oasis to get the project all put together. They did an awesome job on the last three and I think this one will top those. I'm really excited about this one. - big thanks to Bob Harris for his great playing, producing, and golden ears on the project. I think you're going to like this one - Bergenfiled Library with Risky Business this week - another possible house concert on Long Island is in the planning stages; it'll be a fun time - as always, we are always looking to play and open to suggestions for venues - heading to the National Folk Alliance in Kansas City in February. Anybody else going?

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