not all that is frozen is lost

- some very sad news the last week or so... first the loss of David Kleinman, a wonderful guy with an amazing set of skills that almost seem impossible to belong to one person. I knew him as a folk singer but he was so much more and his presence will be missed - then, of course, there is the loss of Pete Seeger. What can I say that hasn't been said already other than that he was very kind to me in whatever interactions we had over the years, as he was to everybody he came into contact with. If you are a New Yorker you probably ran into him someplace because he seemed to be everywhere and was always open and accessible. Sweet dreams Pete and give Toshi a big hug. - winter was pretty slow but in the last week or so the dates have been rolling in and we are always looking for places to ply our trade... check the calendar here or give us a holler if you want us to come to your area - heading out to Kansas City with my buddy, songwriter Vincent Cross for the National Folk Alliance shindig in mid-February and hoping to meet some good folks and get to play a tune or a song here and there. Say howdy if you see me. - the new CD is out and available all over the internet and, of course, I'd be delighted to send you one for $12 or stop by a gig and they are a mere $10.00

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