My, my, May...

- heading to the UK in a few days and have a few gigs lined up. Details to follow, but I know at least one will be in my old haunt in Liverpool. - Borderline Tribute to Tom Paxton in August... the man has written some songs I hear... - Thanks again to the folks at the New England Folk Festival. We had a blast. - Keep my buddy and bandmate Jan Christensen in your thoughts as he tackles some health issues. We need more people like Jan around. - Ocean County gig coming up after I get back and it will be hard to top last years turnout but it will be fun to try. - The Irish seisiun will be back at the Flagship in September... stay tuned. - Shanty session at the Noble this Sunday and it just keeps getting better and more people keep showing up. You should too! Might even try out a new song this week. - Had a great time at the yearly Local 1000 Gathering/ Retreat at the Ashokan Center. Heard a lot of wonderful songs and players and am proud to be part of the musicians union. - Thanks to Ridgefield Park for having Risky Business back again this year for the annual Earth Day event. Lots of familiar faces and a chance to play bluegrass at the waters edge. - some other stuff in the offing but nothing I can discuss just yet - and, as always, if you want to see and hear us let your local venue know and maybe we can work something out.

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