Kansas City...

- Seisiun tomorrow... was moved back a week because of the Super Bowl -The March 1st Seisiun also has a time change (4-7 instead of the usual 2-5)because of the local St. Pats parade but the Hibernians after party will be there so it should be a real fun evening. -Kansas City and the FAI next week and we are ready to roll. Bill and I are driving out with our buddy Vincent Cross( make sure to check out his showcases!). Should be a blast. Our showcase schedule is on the calendar here - Got a new Waterloo guitar and it is just a killer little box. Planning to use it for the FAI showcases. -Shanty session next week (2/15) at the Noble, usual 2-5 time. - Planning a new show at the ETG on the 50th (!?!?!?!) anniversary of the first time I ever 'graced' a stage. From 4/4/65- 4/4/15 Yikes... - thank to Frank Glaz for inviting us to his annual show at the Veterans Center in Lyons , New Jersey for veterans with PTSD. Always happy to play for my fellow veterans

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