June tunes

- Back at the Ocean County Artists Guild tonight (June 17)in Toms River, New Jersey with Bob C and Bill. Always a great crowd and we have some new songs in store. -LUMEN- June 25- be there! We have a set of original songs about the Staten Island waterfront and are delighted to take part in this amazing event. It gets better every year and it is always especially good when it is hosted by Atlantic Salt. It has to be seen to be believed. - Bill and I are back in New Jersey at the Blueberry Fest on the 26th. First time there; sure do love blueberries... either high or low bush... - The Soundscape for the opening installation at SI Arts Culture Lounge on July 14th is done and sounds (in my humble opinion) awesome. Those Henry Falco ears were essential to it and he came through big time. Moon Studios... just go there. - The shanty session is back this Sunday (June 19) 2-5 and just gets better and better. - Missing Liverpool and Ireland this year so far but am hoping to get back over soon. Give us a shout if you have a venue for us. - last Seisiun for the season done and we look forward to coming back strong in September. - visited with Nancy and Donald Nitchie on the Vineyard a few weeks ago and it was wonderful to see them and to catch up on the news. - Humbled to be asked again to sing Cobh of Sorrow at the AOH golf outing next to the famine victim memorial. - Alice Austen House Community Day, 150th birthday celebration on July 23. Best view in the city.

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