Happy New Year!

- I hope y'all had a safe and Happy New Years eve and are all set to take on the new year and whatever challenges it presents - Very happy to be given a slot to showcase at the Folk Alliance by Si Kahn. I mean, c'mon. its Si Kahn. - Been writing a ton of new stuff that I am hoping to get out there; probably play some of it at the Tavern concert in a few weeks.And that is great venue to play. Hope to see some of you there. Too cool. - The Working Waterfront Project went very well and we hope to continue it in the new year. I am also doing a school program with Dawn Daniels, from the Noble Maritime Collection. I get to teach the kids my Kate Walker song; always get shivers when kids join in on the song. - the Doerflinger CD is moving along and we are trying to record a bunch of it live at the session. So far so good. - and as ever... send us your venues and we will try to get there...

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