great week

fun week: - sat in with Arnie Fleischer and the Weschester Bluegrass Boys in New Rochelle - went to the LIttle Red Schoolhouse in the Village to see the play the 4th grade classes wrote and performed based around 'Downings Oyster Bar'… nothing better than hearing a bunch of kids singing one of your songs and they did an amazing job - wrote a new song for the Perine House fundraiser and played there today. Beautiful place and a great cause. I think they really liked the song…" Along the King's Highway" - Lighthouse Gala this Wednesday and we'll be playing some of our lighthouse songs there no doubt - Mara Levine's CD release party on the 23rd and I'll be sitting in on a couple of songs - going back to the Richard Thompson camp the last week of June and ending that week with a gig down in Ocean County, New Jersey on the 28th - and then over to Liverpool the following Monday - whew… I am a good kind of tired already

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