Folk Alliance

- Bill, Vincent Cross, and I bit the bullet and drove to FAI... 1200 wintry miles each way but we had a great time and now on to the next phase of whatever it is we do - planning to do a 50th anniversary evening on April 4 at the ETG Cafe here on Staten Island. That will be 50 years TO THE DAY from the first time I performed out in high school at Xaverian in Brooklyn. Mascot is a clipper ship... no shock there. - A big thank you to both Ken Gaines from Anderson Fair in Texas and Mike Beck from Access Film in Chicago for hosting our showcases at FAI. Met some great folks and got some great feedback about our performances. Apparently if you keep doing this you get better...hmmm... - Always a fun time at Local 1000's no showcase zone room at FAI. There are a lot of wonderful songwriters around let me tell you. - love the new Waterloo... enough said

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