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- blizzard outside so it is a good time to try and catch you up - Had the first meeting yesterday for the new Working Waterfront Project with our local arts council, Staten Island Arts. It is a very exciting project that will unfold over the next couple of years and I am honored to be included in it as one of 4 research fellows. Can't wait to get started and will flesh it all out as time goes quickly by - Harbortown in back at the Tavern on March 12; thanks to them for having us back again. Great place to play acoustic music. It'll be a good'un with lots of new stuff and some very talented band members. - writing a lot lately and am very pleased with some of the songs; I write a lot but it in't all... mostly isn't all... for for human consumption. Stay tuned - the Seisiun will take place on Superbowl Sunday, 2/7, but from 1-4 instead of 2-5. Still plenty of time to get in a few tunes and see the game afterwards. - The shanty sessions have really been getting a nice turnout with some really fine singers in attendance lately. - this Wednesday night, 1/27, I will be at the ETG with a bunch of other fine folks paying tribute to Pete Seeger. I'll be doing two songs that Pete did... not hard to pick as he has done pretty much every song... - Bill and I are very proud to go back again to a VA hospital in New Jersey to play for veterans with PTSD on 2/5. Thanks to Frank Glaz for organizing it and for doing this for over 20 years. We went last year for the first time. as always, if you want to hear us check out the calendar or give us a call about a gig you might have for us

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