dog days

- the new EP is done and mastered and I just need to get it packaged and ready to roll. Solo Bojo Music is the title. Six new songs solo, just me and a guitar. - The Unitarian Church has kindly asked me back to do one of their Sunday services. Looking forward to that. - The Highland Games of Staten Island has asked Doug, Linda, and I to bring the Irish Seisiun there. Details to follow. - Del Val next week on the kids stage and I am really looking forward to it; have a really nice program planned... just need some kids to make it all work. If you are there bring your kids by on Saturday afternoon. - Planning to start earnestly on an new recording project with Bill Doerge and Bob Harris and a new Harbortown project at Moon Studios with Bill, Bob Conroy, and Jan Christensen. Can't wait. - and the Erie Canal Conference is in October on Staten Island. I will be involved with some aspects of that and I believe Harbortown will do a set at some point.

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