back in action

- back at it after a couple of weeks recuperating from a routine medical thing. Had to miss the last shanty session and a bunch of other things but I am better than ever and anxious to get back on track - Irish Seisiun this Sunday, 10/5, at the Flagship Brewery, 2-5 pm. Myself, Linda Hickman, and Doug Barr hosting. It was packed last time event though we had to struggle to get the sound right but we have been working on that and it should be much better this time around. Great feedback about it and we plan to be there every fist Sunday of the month. - heading up to the Big Squeeze in a week or so, New England's premier weekend long pickin party, picnic, campout, what ever you want it to be. Always a fun time. - will be involved in the 5 Boro storytelling project in December at the Staten Island Museum and that should be pretty special.

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