-lots of studio stuff in the works. A new project with Bob Harris at Ampersand studio that is coming along swimmingly. About a dozen or so tracks started and planning to add Ray Scro and his mighty saxophones to a couple followed by Linda Hickman on flute and whistle to give a few tracks extra sparkle with a dab of Irish melancholy. It is gonna be a good one with more guest artists lined up - another project going with Henry Falco at Moon Studios and the Harbortown crew. Another dozen or so songs but these all have a nautical bent. A bunch in the can already with more to follow as th eyear progresses. - No release dates yet but I feel really good about both projects and can't wait to get them out in the ether. - August we'll be at the Barge Museum in Brooklyn for the Working Waterfront exhibit opening and I'll be back at Del Val Festival doing a bit on the kids stage and stopping off in Princeton to do a live session on air with Bill Doerge for Frank Glaz.

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