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Bob Wright: News

lookin' good - September 3, 2014

- big thanks to the best festival crew to work with headed by Archie Warnock,
as usual Delaware Valley is a great time to catch up with old friends and make some new ones.
- Hamburger Sandwich debuted at #68 on the Folk Charts for August. Call up your local folk station and get those requests in!
- first Irish Seisiun at the Flagship Brewery this Sunday and I am psyched to be playing with two stellar musicians- Linda Hickman and Doug Barr- 2-5 pm

thank you - August 24, 2014

A big thanks to the following stations who have played tracks from Hamburger Sandwich:
- WVUD in Delaware
- WLRN in Florida- Folk and Acoustic Music with Michael Stock
- WWSP  in Wisconsin- Acoustic Revival with Jim Canales
- Highway 61 with Massimo Ferro- Italy
- Midnight Special with Rick Warren- Chicago
- WIOX- with Sonny Ochs-  New York- Folk Music and Other Stuff
- WFDU with Ron Olesko- New Jersey
- WVKR-  Poughkeepsie
- WBGU- Bowling Green, Ohio
- Eclectic Chair with Trish Lewis-  Michigan
- Saturday Cafe- Oregon
- Out of the Woods with Chip Colcord- New Hampshire

Best time of the year - August 21, 2014

- been on the Cape for a couple of weeks just hanging and having fun
- Irish Session at Flagship Brewery coming up 9/7, 2-5 pm. Inaugural
one, then first Sunday of every month
- missed the Shanty on Sunday but will be there in September
- volunteering again at the Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival.
They know how to do it right and it is always great to see familiar faces and do some catching up
- big thanks to all the radio stations that have been playing tracks from Hamburger Sandwich; they are the keepers of
The flame

yep - July 31, 2014

- GREAT audience at the Ocean County Artists Guild and the largest crowd they have ever had for a show. Very humbling
and it is nice to see that hard work pays off. We will be back there again 6/19/2015!
- congratulations to Jan Christensen for his fine new live release 'Passages': - next week the Lighthouse Museum celebrates its opening with The Harbormen... that would be Harbortown, Stout, Frank Woerner, and Jan Christensen doing our own things and some stuff together. Lots of crusty old sea dogs singing that day.
- The new Irish session at the Flagship brewery starts on September 7 and will be every first Sunday of the month. Very excited to be a part of it. Doug Barr and Linda Hickman are the instigators.
- just sent out a bunch of the new CDs to radio stations around the States. I think we got all the right ones covered, but if you want one for your station give us a holler where ever you may be.

July flys by - July 18, 2014

- next Friday... July 25... we are at the Ocean County Artists Guild again.
Filled up last year and we are hoping for the same; have some great stuff lined up
- August 7 we (The Harbormen) will sing for the long anticipated opening of the National
Lighthouse Museum here on Staten Island
- shanty session this Sunday (always the third Sunday of the month from 2-5)
at the Noble; they just keep getting better and better... this time Jan Christensen will be debuting his new CD...
which includes yours truly in the cast of characters and I am honored that he recorded one of my songs on it
- heading up to the Cape for a couple of weeks in August and hope to get some good jams in with
all the fine local talent hiding up there in the land of sand.
- we are always looking for gigs so don't hesitate to contact us if you think we need to play in your neck of the woods

Summer - June 22, 2014

- nice event this Saturday ( 6/28/14) at the beautiful Alice Austen house.
Freshly renovated and loaded for banjo
- remember we'll be at the Ocean County Artists Guild in July
- the shanty sessions lately have been excellent with people showing up from all corners
of the planet

Whew - May 12, 2014

- the last few weeks were incredibly full and took a ton of planning and coordination to pull off... and we did... NEFFA, Brick Hill House concerts, Dunlap house concert, Conroy house concert, and the culmination at the Noble Collection
- The Doerflinger plaque is beautiful and will look amazing hanging outside the main entrance facing the water
- next shanty session this coming Sunday, May 19, 2-5
- Ridgefield Park Earth Day this Saturday with Risky Business Bluegrass Band; always a fun time in a park setting on the river
- shot lots of video and recorded a lot of the shows; hope we have some good stuff to post in the coming weeks
- as always, we are looking for places to play and welcome suggestions, offers, or a nice cup of tea
- the Doerflinger project consumed the last year and now I need another project to get the juices flowing again
- Hamburger Sandwich has been getting airplay here and there and a lot of folks tell me they think it is our best CD yet. We are proud of it. And we love to play those songs for a crowd...

Yikes... where did March go - April 9, 2014

- Not very sad to see this winter lumber to an end. I like the cold but it just got to be too much after a while. Give me the sun and the sixties and I am a happy camper
- a lot happening in the next few weeks... New England Folk Festival... Brick Hill house concert... Doerflinger plaque dedication and concert...
- just got a new Shure mic that mounts on a camera to try and put some video stuff together with better audio quality. Should be fun to play with and put some new songs out there for people to hear.

back from Kansas - February 25, 2014

- The Folk Alliance event was way better than I anticipated... always takes me a while to warm up to new ideas. I met a lot of really nice people and got to play some songs, including a showcase with Mara Levine who graciously did two of my songs. Don Flemons stopped by and sat in for a song and that was very cool.
- Special thanks to Christine Lavin and Sonny Ochs for hosting the first FAI laptop concert and for inviting me to be on. A lot of folks played and it was a whole lot of fun. Let me know if you got to see it!
- Radio show coming up next week: Bill and I will be on Joe Will's show from Burlington County Comm Coll in south Jersey on March 8, 10 a.m.- 2 p.m.. I love doing live radio and if any other DJs want us we are happy to be there.
- a big thank you to Frank Todd for having us back on WPRB's show Music You Can't hear on The Radio.
- really looking forward to the quick tour of New England at the end of April; check the schedule for the dates
- Very proud to be putting together a show to remember the contributions of Bill Doerflinger and a dedication of a plaque at the Noble Maritime Collection on Staten Island. Headliner is Hughie Jones and the date is May 9.

not all that is frozen is lost - January 31, 2014

- some very sad news the last week or so... first the loss of David Kleinman, a wonderful guy with an amazing set of skills that almost seem impossible to belong to one person. I knew him as a folk singer but he was so much more and his presence will be missed
- then, of course, there is the loss of Pete Seeger. What can I say that hasn't been said already other than that he was very kind to me in whatever interactions we had over the years, as he was to everybody he came into contact with. If you are a New Yorker you probably ran into him someplace because he seemed to be everywhere and was always open and accessible. Sweet dreams Pete and give Toshi a big hug.
- winter was pretty slow but in the last week or so the dates have been rolling in and we are always looking for places to ply our trade... check the calendar here or give us a holler if you want us to come to your area
- heading out to Kansas City with my buddy, songwriter Vincent Cross for the National Folk Alliance shindig in mid-February and hoping to meet some good folks and get to play a tune or a song here and there. Say howdy if you see me.
- the new CD is out and available all over the internet and, of course, I'd be delighted to send you one for $12 or stop by a gig and they are a mere $10.00

banjo-hoho - December 1, 2013

-Ahh... December and the pace quickens as Christmas time's a'comin... and I hear CDs make for a fine stocking stuffer so don't be shy and buy buy buy
- the house concert was a great success and we had a ton of fun. Thanks to Joe, Jen and Vincent for helping to make our release night a blast
- remember the shanty sessions are every third Sunday of the month at the Noble Collection and they are participatory, not a performance, so don't be afraid to join in
- all signed up and ready to go out to Kansas City for my first Folk Alliance International get together and am looking forward to it
- been writing down a bunch of ideas and trying to grow some new songs... ya can't force 'em out but it helps to focus and pay attention if they are trying to get out
- going to the Christmas Revels in Cambridge for the first time and looking forward to hearing my friend John Browne adding his guitar to the fabulous mix

Its here!!! - November 4, 2013

- The new CD, Hamburger Sandwich, arrived and it looks great... sounds pretty darn good too if I do say so.
It'll be up on CDBaby in a short while and then will be available there, here, and a bunch of other places online. Or you can just send me a check for $12.00 and I'll get one to you ASAP.
- the house concert is pretty much full and it will be a great evening of fun and music.
- heading up to NERFA for the day on Saturday with Vincent Cross; say howdy if you see me
- put a new Fults tailpiece on my Bishline and it is a mighty fine piece of machinery

Fallll…. about time - October 25, 2013

- The house concert is 11/16 at the Scro manse. He has had some great ones in the last year or so and we are planning on keeping that track record alive. The wonderful Vincent Cross is opening for Bill and I, and we will do all the songs from the new CD. It is called Hamburger Sandwich and it is making me hungry just to think about it.
- the shanty, as always, turns up some fine singers and it is always the third Sunday of the month, 2-5 p.m. at the Noble Maritime Collection. Come on down!
- Bergenfield Library wrote to tell us that it was the best event they have had this year, and the year is about over. Thanks to them for having us and for all the folks who came out. It was way more than they anticipated.
- Been testing out the new K&K pickup in my Collings and so far it is awesome; really natural sounding and expressive.

October… the best month - October 6, 2013

-Okay, it isn't the best month just because I was born in October. Just feel those cool temps and check out the leaves…
enough said.
- Still on track for the house concert/CD release. The new Cd is called Hamburger Sandwich and will be
totally completed in a few weeks. Just getting all the info out to Oasis to get the project all put together. They did an awesome job on the last three and I think this one will top those. I'm really excited about this one.
- big thanks to Bob Harris for his great playing, producing, and golden ears on the project. I think you're going to like this one
- Bergenfiled Library with Risky Business this week
- another possible house concert on Long Island is in the planning stages; it'll be a fun time
- as always, we are always looking to play and open to suggestions for venues
- heading to the National Folk Alliance in Kansas City in February. Anybody else going?

Yikes, it is September already - September 4, 2013

- Wishing all my old colleagues a great school year.
- Del Val Fest is still the best and had some great fun jamming with Ellen and Peter Vigour, Allen and Emily Cohen, and with Hillbilly Water. Special thanks to Archie Warnock for running a fine back stage crew; kept us on track even when there was no track.
- Final mixes on the new CD are in progress and I am chomping at the bit; was up at Saratoga for the races this year
(150th anniversary) so bear with me while I mix my metaphors.
- couple of great shanty things coming up this month
-Kweskin band was even better than I'd hoped. They were all there but Fritz (RIP) with their voices intact
and playing great. So happy that I got to see them one last time.
- hoping to have a CD release party at the Scro house the beginning of November; all depends on getting the CD packaged
up and ready for human consumption... Hmmm... edible CD's might not be a bad idea... throw them into iTunes and then have a nice stack instead of a dust collector on the shelf. A lot of the 'food' on the shelves is already plastic anyway.

August ramblings - August 22, 2013

-Heard the fiddle tracks for the new CD and they are epic… Gary Oleyar done real good; needs to be mixed and mastered but it is just about there so keep your ears peeled
- going to the Folk Alliance International in Kansas City in February to make some new friends
and to make some music with some new friends; never been there and really looking forward to some great
music and some even better barbecue
- volunteering at the Delaware Valley Fest again in a week or so and it is still one of the best with an awesome lineup
and run by some great folks; miss it at your own peril
- got to jam with sax player extraordinaire Ray Scro recently and we're
talking about doing a show together to shake up the old boundaries a tad
- Pete Becker is putting a K&K Quantum pickup (with the blender and internal mic) into my Collings D2H and I can't wait to
put it through its paces; great sounding guitar to begin with and I have my hopes up adn Peter is a good man
to put your hopes on if you need work done.
- psyched to go see my favorite band from back in the day next week… the Kweskin Jug Band playing up at the Egg in Albany

Where did July go???? - August 5, 2013

Been so busy I haven't posted lately but it has all been good kinds of busy.
- great fun to be part of a Spinners reunion in the U.K. Those guys can still sing and they know how to entertain
- new CD is more than in the works and I hope to be done with it pretty soon; look for a house concert/ CD release
show in the Fall
- thanks again to Hereford for having us and to the folks in Toms River for continuing to support
live music and for a wonderful venue
- Frets and Refrains camp was awesome this year… always inspiring to hang with other songwriters.
A big thank you to the Thompson clan for running it and for being so willing to help.
- A big thanks to the guys in Harbortown… Jan Christensen, Bob Conroy, and Bill Doerge… incredibly generous, talented musicians and I am lucky to call them friends much less partners in rhyme.
- finally had the Staten Island premiere of Shellshocked at the Noble and it was very exciting for us. Can't wait to see Emily's next project about fireflies

great week - June 9, 2013

fun week:
- sat in with Arnie Fleischer and the Weschester Bluegrass Boys in New Rochelle
- went to the LIttle Red Schoolhouse in the Village to see the play the 4th grade classes wrote and
performed based around 'Downings Oyster Bar'… nothing better than hearing a bunch of kids singing one of
your songs and they did an amazing job
- wrote a new song for the Perine House fundraiser and played there today. Beautiful place and a great cause.
I think they really liked the song…" Along the King's Highway"
- Lighthouse Gala this Wednesday and we'll be playing some of our lighthouse songs there no doubt
- Mara Levine's CD release party on the 23rd and I'll be sitting in on a couple of songs
- going back to the Richard Thompson camp the last week of June and ending that week with a gig down in Ocean County, New Jersey on the 28th
- and then over to Liverpool the following Monday
- whew… I am a good kind of tired already

May my my - May 3, 2013

- Lots of Harborlore stuff with the Brooklyn Arts Council this month… info on the calendar page
- Jan Christensen is doing a solo show in Saugerties at the Kiersted House on May 19, and I'l be sitting in for a song with him
- Bill Doerge solo house concert coming up on May 11… probably do a song or two with him
- heading to Liverpool, UK, in July… always a treat to play over there
- the awesome students at the Little Red Schoolhouse in the Village are using two of my songs in plays they have written for the end of the year. So honored.

April stuff - April 2, 2013

- just confirmed for the Lighthouse Gala in June
- lucky to have such a talented crew to work with
- doing an interview for Snug Harbor's Staten Island music exhibit this Friday
- couple of new songs fresh off the presses… yeah, yeah, I know I need to get a bunch of stuff recorded
- booking now for the season if anyone wants us we'll be happy to accommodate

today and beyond - March 9, 2013

- Risky at the Tavern tonight!
- Museum of Natural History tomorrow… so psyched…
- sons of St. Patrick on Wednesday.
- St. Pat's parade on the Island is actually on St. Patrick's Day this year… yes…
- Shanty session at the Noble… also on St. Paddy's Day
- old friends visiting
- Earth Day at Ridgefield next month
- Whew… a lot going on
- Harborlore events all through May and June… Brooklyn and
Staten Island hooking up to harbor boost
- Some recording coming up too...

lots of cool stuf - February 7, 2013

- Risky Business back for the Tavern series on March 9
and the following day
Harbortown plays the American Museum of Natural History for the
screening of Shellshocked… too cool
- back for Earth Day at Ridgefield Park… always a wonderful place to play with great people
- Judge Brennan has asked me to be a part of some upcoming events… still in the planning stages… and I look forward to being a part of Staten Island history as it happens… details when I know them
- have started planning for some recording projects and I am itching to get
some of the many songs I have backed up in the can and out in the world …
so I can write more...

tough times - January 10, 2013

-Tough times in Harbortown the past month or so: Sandy's devastation and then the deaths of my mother-in-law Doris Ford Sabella, Howie Liefer, and Regina Flynn. Give them all a thought when you can.
- Upcoming things include the Tavern show this Saturday night and a spot on live radio in Princeton with Frank Glaz on WPRB at 7:30 on January 27th.
- Excited that Shellshocked will be at New York's Museum of Natural History on March 10; perfect venue for it.
- Planning 2013 so check in periodically to see what we have in store!

catching up - November 24, 2012

- finished a new song about Julie Mindler, the first woman Snug at Sailors Snug Harbor
- another new song about Sandy entitled 'Island in the Storm'; I plan to do it at the fundraiser on 12/2 at St Mary's
- a few strong possibilities coming up in the Spring… stay tuned
- just spent some time in New Orleans and people were very interested and concerned about the storm here; wonderful people down there… and the food and music ain't too shabby either!
- hopping to get back over to Ireland/ England and points East this Summer. Anybody have any venues to suggest it would be greatly appreciated
- I have a backlog of over 80 songs to record…anyone have any luck with Kickstarter?
- had a fun and relaxing shanty session this week… remember they are every third Sunday of the month at the Noble
Maritime Collection

where did the month go - November 16, 2012

- Shellshocked clips tonight (11/16) on NBC at 7:30
- doing a couple of fundraisers in the coming weeks for Sandy victims.
There has been great devastation to the Staten Island shore communities
- Keep an eye out for the Tavern series.
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