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Bob Wright: News

Wow! - March 29, 2016

-Double wow! Just found out that I am one of 6 folks selected for the singer-songwriter showcase at the New Jersey Folk Festival. This is a long running, well attended and well run event and I couldn't be more honored or more pleased.
- Had a fun time at Pat Salmons book release signing. Nice of her to ask me to do my Stapleton Beer song for the release of her book about Staten Island Breweries. We used to have a lot of them; maybe that is how we became the forgotten borough
- New England Folk Festival coming up soon and Harbortown is all dressed up and ready to go. See you there on Friday night.
- Have some ideas for my working waterfront project and am itching to start piecing them together.
- putting together a recording project for the shanty session; should be a great time and a CD that will mean a lot to a lot of people; stay tuned. The session has been getting better and bigger and you should try to make it to it.
- Irish Seisiún going strong as well.
- speaking of which, a big thanks to Mike and Mary McVey for having Doug, Linda, and I to play at their St Patrick's party
and also to play for a memorial to the Uprising at the RANDALL TAVERN on 4/ 24/16
- heading back up to Ashokan for the Local 1000 Retreat again this year and looking forward to seeing folks I don't get to see too often and to learning from those that are there
- some other gigs in New Jersey in the works this year; a couple are listed and some are still not confirmed

March madness - March 13, 2016

-Had a super busy week and had a great time. Big thanks to the venues: Flagship Brewery, College of Staten Island, SI Arts, The Noble Collection, and Historic Richmondtown Tavern Concert Series. And, of course, to the folks who came out to see us... it was our privilege.
- Working Waterfront in progress and will be a fascinating trip. Hey I am a Research Fellow!
- Several new things in the works for the coming months; will post them as soon as I have confirmation.
- The Irish Seisiún has been going great and we have been getting other gigs from it. Sweet.
- Submitted the stage plan for NEFFA today so that is a go at the end of April.
- Will be doing some school programs with Dawn Daniels from the Noble Maritime Collection teaching kids some harbor
lore and songs that they should know. Always great to work with her. We have done many programs both at the Museum and at her dance school together so it should be great.
- We are always on the prowl for new venues and welcoming audiences. Keep us in mind and give us a shout if you think you might want us to stop in and sing a few for you, or maybe do a songwriting workshop.

exciting stuff planned - January 23, 2016

- blizzard outside so it is a good time to try and catch you up
- Had the first meeting yesterday for the new Working Waterfront Project with our local arts council, Staten Island Arts. It is a very exciting project that will unfold over the next couple of years and I am honored to be included in it as one of 4 research fellows. Can't wait to get started and will flesh it all out as time goes quickly by
- Harbortown in back at the Tavern on March 12; thanks to them for having us back again. Great place to play acoustic music. It'll be a good'un with lots of new stuff and some very talented band members.
- writing a lot lately and am very pleased with some of the songs; I write a lot but it in't all... mostly isn't all... for for human consumption. Stay tuned
- the Seisiun will take place on Superbowl Sunday, 2/7, but from 1-4 instead of 2-5. Still plenty of time to get in a few tunes and see the game afterwards.
- The shanty sessions have really been getting a nice turnout with some really fine singers in attendance lately.
- this Wednesday night, 1/27, I will be at the ETG with a bunch of other fine folks paying tribute to Pete Seeger. I'll be doing two songs that Pete did... not hard to pick as he has done pretty much every song...
- Bill and I are very proud to go back again to a VA hospital in New Jersey to play for veterans with PTSD on 2/5. Thanks to Frank Glaz for organizing it and for doing this for over 20 years. We went last year for the first time.
as always, if you want to hear us check out the calendar or give us a call about a gig you might have for us

HAPPY NEW YEAR! - January 1, 2016

- it is shaping up to be a great year and I really look forward to meeting some of the folks out there who want to hear what we are up to.
- the next Seisiun is this Sunday and they have been taking off so it should be a happening place to be
- working on some new songs and I think I like them... stay tuned...

banjo hohoho - December 14, 2015

-Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday to all!
- Congratulations to Naomi Sturm for the grant she received for the Working Waterfront Project. Proud to say that I will be a research fellow for the project. It promises to be amazing.
- Played some Irish Trad yesterday for a SI Arts Folklore project, Trouble The Water, which is now an online database with victims of Hurricane Sandy telling their stories.
What a great time at the Toms River Library a couple of weeks back. Bob and Bill were in top form and I just went along for the ride; big thanks to all who came and to the library for having us back again. And... we got to do all songs about Staten Island!
- Another big shout out to Joe Pszonek at WMSC to having Bill and I on to chat and play a couple of things live in the studio. It was a great time and he was impressively prepared for us; the man knows how to run an interview.
- got another recording project in the very preliminary works; all shanties from Snug Harbor with an all-star cast... stay tuned...
- and still working on some new tracks of some new songs for a new year...
- very happy to be back in the Tavern concert series this year... it'll be a goodun'
- and the shanty session in this Sunday (12/20)... you need to come...
- and very happy to say that the Irish Seisiun is back up and running at the very accommodating Flagship Brewery... psst... the beer is really really good ... next up is January 3, 2-5 pm
- and as always... send us your gigs... thanks

where oh where did October go? - November 9, 2015

- was sidelined for a few weeks in October but all is well and I am back up and running
- spent the day with the wondrous Bill Doerge and the magnificent Bob Harris at Ampersand Studios recording ten new tracks.
CD or not CD... that is the question
- Harbortown is back at the Toms River on the 30th of November. Stop by, say howdy, and give us a listen. You may even like what you hear.
- the monthly shanty session continues to grow and to attract attention. You are not there because... ?
- trying to get the monthly Irish Seisiun back up and running on a more reliable schedule. Should know tomorrow.
- and, as always, we are open to offers of gigs. Can't hurt to give us a call and see.

Yikes...time flys - September 9, 2015

- can not believe I have not posted since June but I have not been home that much and a lot of good stuff happened but that is old news
-August we were honored to play at the grand opening of the National Lighthouse Museum right here on sunny Staten Island. The Museum has a ways to go but it is a miracle that it is there at all to visit and to enjoy. Greatness will follow.
- Bill and I also played at the Alice Austen House again and I never get tired of singing the Alice Austen song on the porch that inspired me to write the song... and the location and the view... WOW.
- speaking of wow... ended August at the Borderline Cafe's annual tribute picnic. This year the honoree was the legendary Tom Paxton who was there in the flesh, did a short set like everybody else, and got to hear what we do. Got to meet him and hang out a bit and he was wonderful both onstage and off. What a treat. And I had to take over running the jam this year as Roger Sprung couldn't be there as he had another gig. Fun time.
- lots of meetings with museum and arts folks happening... stay tuned for what could be some very cool future projects. I'm excited.
- and now September... where to start... well we are doing a Hughie Jones show this Saturday night as he is here for the 20th anniversary celebration for the shanty session. Check the calendar for details.
-And filmmakers Leia Grossman and Gabriel Baron are making a documentary about the session. I have seen the trailer and it looks amazing; can't wait for the final product.
- might be going back in the studio in the late Fall if things work out... Should I do another CD or sell single track... CD or not CD that is the question
- Bill and I will be back at the Toms River Library with Bob Conroy in November. Wonderful venue.

and the livin is easy - June 18, 2015

- can not thank Chris and Hughie Jones enough for the friendship, hospitality, and artistry. They are wonderful.
- and a big thanks to Mick and Do Groves for putting us up, putting up with us, and for sharing the talent in such an open way.
Great stuff.
- lots of things happening with more to come in the Fall. Working on the details and will post them as soon as things get confirmed
- Ocean County Artists Guild next week... be there... it will be fun...
- Lighthouse Museum gig in August; stay tuned
- Borderline's Tom Paxton tribute in August; hope he is there.
- More thanks to the Everyman Folk Club; Alan Bell and Fleetwood Maritime Day; the good folks of Exeter who filled the Village Hall and had such nice things to say afterwards, greatly appreciated; the Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival for doing yeoman's work to help support the RNLI.
- this weeks shanty session at the Noble will be filmed by filmmaker Gabriel Baron. Should be interesting.

My, my, May... - May 13, 2015

- heading to the UK in a few days and have a few gigs lined up. Details to follow, but I know at least one will be in my old haunt in Liverpool.
- Borderline Tribute to Tom Paxton in August... the man has written some songs I hear...
- Thanks again to the folks at the New England Folk Festival. We had a blast.
- Keep my buddy and bandmate Jan Christensen in your thoughts as he tackles some health issues. We need more people like Jan around.
- Ocean County gig coming up after I get back and it will be hard to top last years turnout but it will be fun to try.
- The Irish seisiun will be back at the Flagship in September... stay tuned.
- Shanty session at the Noble this Sunday and it just keeps getting better and more people keep showing up. You should too! Might even try out a new song this week.
- Had a great time at the yearly Local 1000 Gathering/ Retreat at the Ashokan Center. Heard a lot of wonderful songs and players and am proud to be part of the musicians union.
- Thanks to Ridgefield Park for having Risky Business back again this year for the annual Earth Day event. Lots of familiar faces and a chance to play bluegrass at the waters edge.
- some other stuff in the offing but nothing I can discuss just yet
- and, as always, if you want to see and hear us let your local venue know and maybe we can work something out.

April finally Spring... - April 5, 2015

- great fun last night at the ETG Cafe for my 50th anniversary show. Full house and enthusiastic. Just a pure pleasure.
- next up is NEFFA; happy to be back again and hoping to bring in some new fans to the Harbortown boathouse
- spent a week in L.A. and had perfect weather and climbed lots of stairs... ask me when you see me
- heading over to the UK the end of May and will be at the Everyman in Liverpool around the 27th of May; looks like there might be some other gigs too; will keep you posted when I know for sure
- Local 1000 retreat coming up in a few weeks; pretty close to home this year
- back at Ridgefield Park soon with Risky Business; always a nice day there
- The Irish Seisiun will return to the Flagship Brewery the first Sunday in September
- the Shanty session continues every third Sunday of the month, 2-5 pm, at the Noble Collection
- hope to see some of you and, as always, if you want us in your town give us a holler or tell your local venue about us

snow away - March 17, 2015

- this Saturday night( 3/21/15) Bill and I will be supporting Jan Christensen at the ETG Cafe. Great songs and a great guy.
- then, in two weeks (April 4) Bill and I will be back at the ETG doing a special show on the same date I first played out exactly 50 years ago.... WHWHWHAT...
- NEFFA coming up the end of April and that should be wonderful; nice to be surrounded by folks of a like mind
- FAI was a good time this year and we did some showcases that were well received and I finally got to meet one of my banjo heroes, and really nice guy, Alan Munde. Attended his workshop and that was a pleasure.
- doing a St. Pats party this Friday at Mike McVey's house with Doug Barr and Linda Hickman. Thanks Mike.

Folk Alliance - February 24, 2015

- Bill, Vincent Cross, and I bit the bullet and drove to FAI... 1200 wintry miles each way but we had a great time and now on to the next phase of whatever it is we do
- planning to do a 50th anniversary evening on April 4 at the ETG Cafe here on Staten Island. That will be 50 years TO THE DAY from the first time I performed out in high school at Xaverian in Brooklyn. Mascot is a clipper ship... no shock there.
- A big thank you to both Ken Gaines from Anderson Fair in Texas and Mike Beck from Access Film in Chicago for hosting our showcases at FAI. Met some great folks and got some great feedback about our performances. Apparently if you keep doing this you get better...hmmm...
- Always a fun time at Local 1000's no showcase zone room at FAI. There are a lot of wonderful songwriters around let me tell you.
- love the new Waterloo... enough said

Kansas City... - February 7, 2015

- Seisiun tomorrow... was moved back a week because of the Super Bowl
-The March 1st Seisiun also has a time change (4-7 instead of the usual 2-5)because of the local St. Pats parade but the Hibernians after party will be there so it should be a real fun evening.
-Kansas City and the FAI next week and we are ready to roll. Bill and I are driving out with our buddy Vincent Cross( make sure to check out his showcases!). Should be a blast. Our showcase schedule is on the calendar here
- Got a new Waterloo guitar and it is just a killer little box. Planning to use it for the FAI showcases.
-Shanty session next week (2/15) at the Noble, usual 2-5 time.
- Planning a new show at the ETG on the 50th (!?!?!?!) anniversary of the first time I ever 'graced' a stage. From 4/4/65- 4/4/15
- thank to Frank Glaz for inviting us to his annual show at the Veterans Center in Lyons , New Jersey for veterans with PTSD.
Always happy to play for my fellow veterans

2015 - December 29, 2014

- Happy New Year and hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday!
- No Seisiun this month but we'll be back on February 1st and every first Sunday after that! Come on by and bring a song or your dancing shoes.
- the Stan Jay tribute is on 1/11 and there will be a lot of fine musicians playing and paying respects to a local legend and all around good guy.
- February brings Bill and I out to FAI in Kansas City and we have a few showcases set up so far. See you there!
- April we will be back at the New England Folk Festival on the Friday night of the weekend with Harbortown
-As always, we are looking for gigs and hoping to come by your town and offer up our musical wares. Let us know if you have a venue we'd be a good fit for.
- Thanks to Bridget Bartolini for inviting me to take part in the 5 Boro Story Project at the Staten Island Museum. A really wonderful afternoon with some fine performances. And thanks to Diane Matyas for her usual great work at the Museum coordinating it all and emceeing.
- great shanty session in December and we will be back at it again the third Sunday of the month. no excuses, you know you want to sing.

phew - November 18, 2014

- been busy with lots of stuff
- big thanks to Mike Beck and Access Films for hosting Bill and I at a showcase at NERFA this past Saturday
and a bigger thank you to the folks who stopped, listened and even sang along. Awesome.
- A lot of new stuff on the calendar; I won't repeat it all here. Hope you find something you like.
- took place in a wonderful recording session on Sunday for the multi-talented Guy MIchetti's new Christmas Song,
Sing A Christmas Song. Privileged to be a part of a chorus of about 20 fine local musicians adding some voices to the choruses of the song. I heard a mix today and it sounds great. Big kudos to Guy and to Henry Falco at Moon Studios.
- very happy to be a part of a tribute concert for Stan Jay, he of Mandolin Brothers fame. I knew Stan for over 40 years and he was always a delight to hang with... funny, smart, and caring... not a bad combination. He will be missed.
- took a road trip and finally got to see Sun Studios and the Delta Blues Museum. So many talented folks to remember.

back in action - October 3, 2014

- back at it after a couple of weeks recuperating from a routine medical thing. Had to miss the last shanty session and
a bunch of other things but I am better than ever and anxious to get back on track
- Irish Seisiun this Sunday, 10/5, at the Flagship Brewery, 2-5 pm. Myself, Linda Hickman, and Doug Barr hosting. It was packed last time event though we had to struggle to get the sound right but we have been working on that and it should be much better this time around. Great feedback about it and we plan to be there every fist Sunday of the month.
- heading up to the Big Squeeze in a week or so, New England's premier weekend long pickin party, picnic, campout, what ever you want it to be. Always a fun time.
- will be involved in the 5 Boro storytelling project in December at the Staten Island Museum and that should be pretty special.

lookin' good - September 3, 2014

- big thanks to the best festival crew to work with headed by Archie Warnock,
as usual Delaware Valley is a great time to catch up with old friends and make some new ones.
- Hamburger Sandwich debuted at #68 on the Folk Charts for August. Call up your local folk station and get those requests in!
- first Irish Seisiun at the Flagship Brewery this Sunday and I am psyched to be playing with two stellar musicians- Linda Hickman and Doug Barr- 2-5 pm

thank you - August 24, 2014

A big thanks to the following stations who have played tracks from Hamburger Sandwich:
- WVUD in Delaware
- WLRN in Florida- Folk and Acoustic Music with Michael Stock
- WWSP  in Wisconsin- Acoustic Revival with Jim Canales
- Highway 61 with Massimo Ferro- Italy
- Midnight Special with Rick Warren- Chicago
- WIOX- with Sonny Ochs-  New York- Folk Music and Other Stuff
- WFDU with Ron Olesko- New Jersey
- WVKR-  Poughkeepsie
- WBGU- Bowling Green, Ohio
- Eclectic Chair with Trish Lewis-  Michigan
- Saturday Cafe- Oregon
- Out of the Woods with Chip Colcord- New Hampshire

Best time of the year - August 21, 2014

- been on the Cape for a couple of weeks just hanging and having fun
- Irish Session at Flagship Brewery coming up 9/7, 2-5 pm. Inaugural
one, then first Sunday of every month
- missed the Shanty on Sunday but will be there in September
- volunteering again at the Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival.
They know how to do it right and it is always great to see familiar faces and do some catching up
- big thanks to all the radio stations that have been playing tracks from Hamburger Sandwich; they are the keepers of
The flame

yep - July 31, 2014

- GREAT audience at the Ocean County Artists Guild and the largest crowd they have ever had for a show. Very humbling
and it is nice to see that hard work pays off. We will be back there again 6/19/2015!
- congratulations to Jan Christensen for his fine new live release 'Passages': - next week the Lighthouse Museum celebrates its opening with The Harbormen... that would be Harbortown, Stout, Frank Woerner, and Jan Christensen doing our own things and some stuff together. Lots of crusty old sea dogs singing that day.
- The new Irish session at the Flagship brewery starts on September 7 and will be every first Sunday of the month. Very excited to be a part of it. Doug Barr and Linda Hickman are the instigators.
- just sent out a bunch of the new CDs to radio stations around the States. I think we got all the right ones covered, but if you want one for your station give us a holler where ever you may be.

July flys by - July 18, 2014

- next Friday... July 25... we are at the Ocean County Artists Guild again.
Filled up last year and we are hoping for the same; have some great stuff lined up
- August 7 we (The Harbormen) will sing for the long anticipated opening of the National
Lighthouse Museum here on Staten Island
- shanty session this Sunday (always the third Sunday of the month from 2-5)
at the Noble; they just keep getting better and better... this time Jan Christensen will be debuting his new CD...
which includes yours truly in the cast of characters and I am honored that he recorded one of my songs on it
- heading up to the Cape for a couple of weeks in August and hope to get some good jams in with
all the fine local talent hiding up there in the land of sand.
- we are always looking for gigs so don't hesitate to contact us if you think we need to play in your neck of the woods

Summer - June 22, 2014

- nice event this Saturday ( 6/28/14) at the beautiful Alice Austen house.
Freshly renovated and loaded for banjo
- remember we'll be at the Ocean County Artists Guild in July
- the shanty sessions lately have been excellent with people showing up from all corners
of the planet

Whew - May 12, 2014

- the last few weeks were incredibly full and took a ton of planning and coordination to pull off... and we did... NEFFA, Brick Hill House concerts, Dunlap house concert, Conroy house concert, and the culmination at the Noble Collection
- The Doerflinger plaque is beautiful and will look amazing hanging outside the main entrance facing the water
- next shanty session this coming Sunday, May 19, 2-5
- Ridgefield Park Earth Day this Saturday with Risky Business Bluegrass Band; always a fun time in a park setting on the river
- shot lots of video and recorded a lot of the shows; hope we have some good stuff to post in the coming weeks
- as always, we are looking for places to play and welcome suggestions, offers, or a nice cup of tea
- the Doerflinger project consumed the last year and now I need another project to get the juices flowing again
- Hamburger Sandwich has been getting airplay here and there and a lot of folks tell me they think it is our best CD yet. We are proud of it. And we love to play those songs for a crowd...

Yikes... where did March go - April 9, 2014

- Not very sad to see this winter lumber to an end. I like the cold but it just got to be too much after a while. Give me the sun and the sixties and I am a happy camper
- a lot happening in the next few weeks... New England Folk Festival... Brick Hill house concert... Doerflinger plaque dedication and concert...
- just got a new Shure mic that mounts on a camera to try and put some video stuff together with better audio quality. Should be fun to play with and put some new songs out there for people to hear.

back from Kansas - February 25, 2014

- The Folk Alliance event was way better than I anticipated... always takes me a while to warm up to new ideas. I met a lot of really nice people and got to play some songs, including a showcase with Mara Levine who graciously did two of my songs. Don Flemons stopped by and sat in for a song and that was very cool.
- Special thanks to Christine Lavin and Sonny Ochs for hosting the first FAI laptop concert and for inviting me to be on. A lot of folks played and it was a whole lot of fun. Let me know if you got to see it!
- Radio show coming up next week: Bill and I will be on Joe Will's show from Burlington County Comm Coll in south Jersey on March 8, 10 a.m.- 2 p.m.. I love doing live radio and if any other DJs want us we are happy to be there.
- a big thank you to Frank Todd for having us back on WPRB's show Music You Can't hear on The Radio.
- really looking forward to the quick tour of New England at the end of April; check the schedule for the dates
- Very proud to be putting together a show to remember the contributions of Bill Doerflinger and a dedication of a plaque at the Noble Maritime Collection on Staten Island. Headliner is Hughie Jones and the date is May 9.
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