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Bob Wright: Links

The Scro
Fun site with lots of local music links and fauxet laureate Lamont Bridges
Banjo Newsletter
A must for banjophiles!
The place for all things bluegrass.
A beautiful place to visit and a long time supporter of acoustic music.
Great festival in the home state of Doc and Earl.
Mandolin Brothers
My local music store and a favorite haunt.
Our wondeful local Arts organization.
Bluegrass Ireland
News from the homeland.
Tony Trischka
My teacher and... have you bought 'Double Banjo...' yet?
Ben Freed site
Lots of local info and dates run by a wonderful banjo player
Richie Castellano
Current member of Blue Oyster Cult and local rock legend.
LNR Music
My friend Lou's online store for all your musical needs.
Hard core bluegrass organization.
Americana Music Assoc.
Roots music organization with open ears.
Mark Brinkman website
The man can WRITE bluegrass songs.
Moon Studios
Henry Falco has the kind of ears you kill for in a recording studio and the techie stuff to back it up.
Bob Conroy and Dan Milner
My buddy Bob's long running collaboraton
Mike Cetta photography
Need pictures? He is your man.
Cosmic American Derelicts
My friends and keeping alive the flames of rock and roll.
Pals from the Cape and they guarantee you a good time.
Beacon Banjo
Bill Keith... enough said
Performing rights group
Liz Meyer
Bluegrass in Holland and much more
Chantey Cabin
Ken and Jan have a great selection of nautical music available.
Twisted Gift
Great online gift shop... and they do have Harbortown if you need it.
CD Baby
Go there... buy stuff...
Bishline Banjos
I absolutely love my new Bishline. Rob is an artist.
Gary Price
I've lost track of the number of folks who have tried to buy my Price Deco 38 5-string. Man, there are some fine banjo makers in Oklahoma.
What can I say about these guys? They are who you want if you want great folk music and I have been lucky to play with them when time allows.
Art by the Ferry
The first of an annual festival celebrating the arts scene on Staten Island.
Mara Levine
Wonderful singer either solo or as an accompianist
Caroline Cutroneo
Staten Island's songbird.