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Sep 2, 2014 - 68: “Hamburger Sandwich,” Bob Wright And Bill Doerge [Self, new] (14)

Bob Wright awoke many times to the deep moan of a fog horn or the gentle tolling of a bell buoy steadily rocking in the great harbor of New York City when he was a child; he watched with fascination as vast ships glided spookily along the Kill at the foot of his street prodded by tugboats towards the deep rollers beyond Sandy Hook. Tugboats like his grandfather used to Captain when the harbor was the center of life in New York City. He has sailed her waters and groped along the murky depths of her channels as a commercial diver. Now, after a lifetime absorbed with the sounds of bluegrass and old-time Appalachian music he has come back to his roots to remind us that banjos and fiddles once had a place in this great waterway. He has returned with songs written to celebrate and to inform but especially to delight and entertain; songs with such a strong sense of place that you can hear the gulls and smell the creosote in the pilings. Ask this award winning songwriter why and he will tell you that writing comes from a sense of place with a nod to tradition and an ear for the rhythms that move people through their landscape; that songwriters are just good listeners who repeat what they hear; that stories are only stories if they are told. His songs are often mistaken for traditional songs; and they are traditional if you define tradition as respect for the past with an eye on celebrating and preserving our rich heritage. Bob’s songs echo his long association with Appalachian music coupled with his exposure to maritime songs, many of which were collected, and saved from extinction, at a retired sailors home just blocks from his childhood home. His Irish roots flavor his music and have led to performances in Ireland and England. His songs celebrate lighthouse keepers and oysters; breweries and bridges; immigrants and entertainers. They bring back to life a place so thick with history it would take a lifetime to wade across it and that is what he intends to do... spend a lifetime in the thick of it searching for lost pearls and the heart of New York Harbor… looking for Harbortown.

Bob Wright
Bob Wright
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Bob Wright and HarbortownBob Wright and Harbortown
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Bob Wright: Hamburger Sandwich

Bob Wright: Hamburger Sandwich

Bob and the new Price banjo